Photos from the May 30 Rally to Support our Teachers

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The contract that Oakland Diocese teachers were required to sign this month to continue teaching  next year contained language that many of them found unacceptable. Sadly, some teachers won’t be returning  next year because they could not, in good conscience, sign the contract. We are asking parents to make their voices heard by the diocese, which is responsible for this new language. Please join the growing number of parents, prospective parents and alumni at Easy Bay Catholic schools,  who are actively working to change this contract.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Learn more about the issue: This May 7th story in the East Bay Express summarizes the teachers’ concerns. The More Information section has links to articles from around the web. Oakland Diocesen information is here.
  • Sign the parent petition to Bishop Michael Barber on Then forward the petition to your friends at diocese schools and parishes.
  • Sign the student-initiated petition on Then forward the petition to others who will sign it.
  • Write a comment on the Bishop O’Dowd High School parent portal – scroll down to comment section.
  • Write a letter or email to Bishop Michael Barber ( at the Oakland diocese. Details on how to send the letter are also at the petition link in
  • Write a letter or email to diocese schools superintendent Sr. Barbara Bray ( Let Sr. Bray know how this contract language will affect our school and your student.
  • Phone the Diocese HR Director, Penny Pendoza (510-267-8359), and voice your opinion.
  • Email Glen Hentges (, Chair of the Board of Regents, to let the Board know how you feel.
  • Sign up to help and stay informed. Join our Facebook group, Friends of Oakland Diocese Teachers.

Thank you for your support!